To support course tutors, this website contains slides in PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF (.pdf) format. The slides cover all figures and tables of the book. Furthermore, for some figures, overlay slides are provided that successively build up a composite figure. The slides contain references to corresponding figures and tables in the book, where one find detailed explanations of the shown content.

If you use figures from these slides, you need to give proper reference for each image you use. For example:

Figure taken from [Meinard Müller, Fundamentals of Music Processing, Figure 4.2, Springer 2015]

Sources per chapter

Preface PPTX PDF
Chapter 1: Music Representations PPTX PDF
Chapter 2: Fourier Analysis of Signals PPTX PDF
Chapter 3: Music Synchronization PPTX PDF
Chapter 4: Music Structure Analysis PPTX PDF
Chapter 5: Chord Recognition PPTX PDF
Chapter 6: Tempo and Beat Tracking PPTX PDF
Chapter 7: Content-Based Audio Retrieval PPTX PDF
Chapter 8: Musically Informed Audio Decomposition PPTX PDF

Archive for all chapters

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Slides for all chapters in PDF (.pdf) format ZIP