At the AudioLabs we bundle our research in the following research areas. Many research activities can be associated with more than one research area. Therefore our scientists work closely together with each other. Also the experience and know-how of the Audio and Multimedia Division of Fraunhofer IIS plays an important role and is the basis of a close collaboration in every area of research.

3D Audio

3D Audio is both a new breakthrough and the subject of an upcoming MPEG standard. Current standardization activities deal, for example, with questions on how to automatically adapt audio program material to the target number of loudspeakers available in a given consumer's listening venue and how the audio presentation (i.e. number and position of loudspeakers) can enhance sound source localization and the sense of immersiveness.

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Leading Scientist: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Herre

Audio Coding

Audio data reduction by means of perceptual audio coding, as it is used e.g. in the well-known “mp3” algorithm, has become a widely deployed technology that can be found in each portable music player, mobile phone and PC, as a format for music on the Internet, on digital media and in digital broadcasting.

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Leading Scientists: Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Grill, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Herre

Audio Signal Analysis

Digital signal processing for the analysis of audio signals is a basis for many other audio related research fields. Current activities include the development of new perceptual models, signal adaptive time-frequency analysis, and signal representations for source separation.

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Leading Scientist: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Edler

Semantic Audio Processing

Semantic audio processing deals with the development of techniques and tools for analyzing, structuring, retrieving, navigating, and presenting music-related audio signals and other time-dependent multimedia data streams.

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Leading Scientist: Prof. Dr. Meinard Müller

Spatial Audio Signal Processing

Spatial audio processing deals with the development of techniques and algorithms for sound recording and reproduction employing multiple microphones and loudspeakers.

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Leading Scientist: Prof. Dr. ir. Emanuël Habets

Speech Coding And Communications Technologies

Speech coding enables efficient digital transmission and storage of compressed speech signals, and thus includes topics of speech production and perception modelling, as well as data compression and speech enhancement

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Leading Scientists: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Edler, Prof. Dr. ir. Emanuël Habets

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality generates three-dimensional computer simulations users can experience, explore and interact with in real-time. By providing the human senses with consistent stimuli such as stereoscopic images and 3D sound, users are immersed into the content and feel present in simulated environment.

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Leading Scientist: Prof. Dr. Frank Wefers