Links and Code

This website provides links to books, code, and courses related to audio-based music processing and music information retrieval (MIR). Many more useful links and resources can be found on the website of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR).

Code for Music Processing

Description Link
The website maintained by Steve Tjoa offers a collection of instructional MIR material containing a mix of casual conversation, technical discussion, and Python code. Link
The repository Python for Scientific Audio provides a comprehensive, curated list of python software tools related and used for scientific research in audio and music applications. Link
Essentia is an open-source C++ library for audio-based music processing algorithms. Link
LibRosa is a python package for music and audio processing. Link
Time-scale Modification (TSM) Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB implementations of various classical time-scale modification algorithms like OLA, WSOLA, and the phase vocoder, among more recent advances. Link
Chroma Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB implementations for extracting various types of novel pitch-based and chroma-based audio features. Link
Tempogram Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB implementations for extracting various types of recently proposed tempo and pulse related audio representations. Link
Similarity Matrix (SM) Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB implementations for computing and enhancing similarity matrices in various ways. Link

Related Books on Music Processing

Description Link
William A. Sethares. Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale. Springer, London, 1998 Link
Anssi P. Klapuri and Manuel Davy, editors. Signal Processing Methods for Music Transcription. Springer, New York, 2006 Link
William Arthur Sethares. Rhythm and Transforms. Springer, 2007 Link
Meinard Müller. Information Retrieval for Music and Motion. Springer, 2007 Link
Òscar Celma. Music Recommendation and Discovery: The Long Tail, Long Fail, and Long Play in the Digital Music Space. Springer, 2010 Link
Alexander Lerch. An Introduction to Audio Content Analysis. Wiley, 2012 Link
Meinard Müller. Fundamentals of Music Processing. Springer, 2015 Link
Peter Knees and Markus Schedl. Music Similarity and Retrieval: An Introduction to Audio- and Web-based Strategies. Springer, 2016 Link
Claus Weihs, Dietmar Jannach, Igor Vatolkin, Guenter Rudolph. Music Data Analysis: Foundations and Applications. Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis, 2016 Link

Courses on Music Processing and MIR Using the Book

Description Link
Course on Music Informatics (DT2470), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH, Sweden Link
CCRMA Summer Workshops on Music Information Retrieval, Department of Music, Stanford University, USA Link
Course on Fundamentals of Music Processing (21M.387), Music Technology, MIT, USA Link
Course on Computer Audition (ECE 277/477 ), ECE Department, University of Rochester, USA Link
Course on Machine Perception of Music and Audio, EECS Department, Northwestern Universtiy, USA Link
Course on Music Information Retrieval, New York University, USA Link
Course on Music Information Retrieval, Tsing Hua University, Taiwan Link
Course on Sound Technology for Multimedia, KAIST, Korea Link
Course on Music Information Retrieval, KAIST, Korea Link
Course on Music Processing Analysis, International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany Link