Erkomaishvili Dataset

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  1. Sebastian Rosenzweig, Frank Scherbaum, David Shugliashvili, Vlora Arifi-Müller, and Meinard Müller
    Erkomaishvili Dataset: A Curated Corpus of Traditional Georgian Vocal Music for Computational Musicology
    Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (TISMIR), 3(1): 31–41, 2020. PDF Details Demo DOI
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The analysis of recorded audio material using computational methods has received increased attention in ethnomusicological research. We present a curated dataset of traditional Georgian vocal music for computational musicology. The corpus is based on historic tape recordings of three-voice Georgian songs performed by the the former master chanter Artem Erkomaishvili. In this article, we give a detailed overview on the audio material, transcriptions, and annotations contained in the dataset. Beyond its importance for ethnomusicological research, this carefully organized and annotated corpus constitutes a challenging scenario for music information retrieval tasks such as fundamental frequency estimation, onset detection, and score-to-audio alignment. The corpus is publicly available and accessible through score-following web-players.

Youtube Videos

Videos based on the web-based players can be found on Youtube:

Digital Sheet Music

The provided digital sheet music in MusicXML-format is based on the transcriptions by David Shugliashvili as published in the book:

  1. David Shugliashvili
    Georgian Church Hymns, Shemokmedi School
    Georgian Chanting Foundation, 2014.
    author    = {David Shugliashvili},
    title     = {{G}eorgian Church Hymns, {S}hemokmedi {S}chool},
    publisher = {Georgian {C}hanting {F}oundation},
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    ismn      = {979-0-802100-71-8}

The book can be purchased here.

Corpus Data (Version 1.0)

If you publish results obtained using these annotations, please cite [1].

Collection of the Erkomaishvili audio recordings (MP3)
Segment annotations (CSV)
F0-annotations (CSV)
Note-Onset annotations (CSV)
Digital sheet music (MusicXML)


  • GCH-IDs correspond to the score numbers in the Shugliashvili book.
  • Sub-pages only exist for songs with publicly available Erkomaishvili audio recordings.
  • Some of the recordings include two songs: GCH-ID 022/023, 043/044, 058/059, 102/103. These songs share a subpage.
  • Recordings with GCH-ID 004, 015, and 107 suffer from strong tape recorder artefacts.
  • In order to simplify computational processing and website generation, the following modifications have been made in the digital sheet music in comparison to the original book transcriptions:
    • Time signatures und bar lines serve as reference and do not have a musical meaning. All time signatures are hidden in the web-interface.
    • Integer QNRs are added to the lyrics as reference.
    • Georgian lyrics are not included in the digital scores.
    • Repetitions are resolved in order to match the audio recordings.
    • Brackets encapsulating notes are removed.
    • All systems of a score are set to have the same key. Accidentals are adjusted to match the book transcription.
    • Dashed bar lines are converted to continuous lines.
    • Italic lyrics are changed to standard style.
    • Double notes are resolved by removing the notes in smaller font size.
    • Metronome markings and breathing indicators are removed.
    • Hyphenation in the lyrics is adjusted for visualization purposes.

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GCH-IDEnglish TitleGeorgian TitleSubpage
001Christ is risen from the deadQrist'e aghsdgaLink
002The Angels in the HeavenAghdgomasa shensaLink
003Christ is risen from the deadQrist'e aghsdgaLink
004Christ is risen from the deadQrist'e aghsdgaLink
005The Day of ResurrectionAghdgomisa dghe arsLink
006Let us purify our sensesGanvits'midnet satsnobelniLink
007For meet is it that heavensTsani q'ovlad ghirsabitLink
008O, come, let us quaff a beverage newMovedit da vsvatLink
009Now are filled with all the lightAts' q'ovliturt aghivsoLink
010Yesterday, O ChristGushin shentanaLink
011May Habakkuk, divinely speakingSaghmrtosa sakhmilavsa zedaLink
012This is the chosen and Holy dayEsa ars ts'mida da chinebul dgheLink
013O, Father almightyMamao q'ovlisa mp'q'robelo Link
014My soul doth magnifyAdidebs suli chemiLink
015The Angel cried unto herAngelozi ghaghadebsLink
016Shine, shine, O new JerusalemGanatldi, ganatldiLink
017My soul doth magnifyAdidebs suli chemiLink
018The Angel cried unto herAngelozi ghaghadebsLink
019Shine, shine, O new JerusalemGanatldi, ganatldiLink
020Today is the Holy PassoverP'aseki brts'q'invaledLink
021And onto us hath he given lifeDa chven mogvanich'a
022Through the prayers of the Birth-giver GodMeokhebita ghvtismshobelisataLink
023O, Son of GodGvatskhovnen chven dzeo ghmrtisao
024Bless the Lord in his templesEklesiasa shinaLink
025Christ is risen from the deadQrist'e aghsdgaLink
026When they who from Marcy come Tsiskarsa mstvad movida mariamLink
027Though thou didst descentDaghatsatu nebsit tvisitLink
028The Holy Nativity, O VirginShobaman shenmam, ghvtismshobelo
029Magnify, O my soulAdidebs suli chemiLink
030Virgin womb ineffablyRomelman shev mtiebiLink
031Christ is born: extol himQrist'es shobasa vadidebdetLink
032Of old the Master who works wondersSasts'aulita ikhsna eri upalmanLink
033God, listen to the prayers of the slavesGhmerto, mokheden monata galobasaLink
034The rod the root of JeeseKvertkhi ieses dzirisaganLink
035Magnify, O my soulAdide, sulo chemoLink
036A mystery, strange and most gloriousSaidumlo, utskho da didebuliLink
037A mystery, strange and most gloriousSaidumlo, utskho da didebuli
038Through the prayers of the Birth-giver GodMeokhebita ghvtismshobelisata
039O, Son of GodGvatskhovnen chven dzeo ghmrtisao
040Out of the WombSashod mtiebisaLink
041Thy Nativity, O Christ our GodShobaman shenmam, qrist'e ghmertoLink
042To-day Virgin bringethQalts'uli dghes arsebadLink
043Throgh the prayers of the Birth-giver GodMeokhebita ghvtismshobelisataLink
044O, Son of GodGvatskhovnen chven dzeo ghmrtisao
045Blessed is He that comethKurtkhul ars momavaliLink
046When in Jordan thou wast baptizedRazhams iordanes natel igheLink
047As Many as are BaptizedRaodenta qrist'es mierLink
048Magnify, O my soulAdide sulo chemoLink
049No tongue hath power worthily to praiseVershemdzlebel vart didebad shendaLink
050Hail, Virgin Birth-giver of GodGikharoden mimadlebuloLink
051O Virgin Birth-giver of God, the HopeGhvtismshobelo qalts'ulo, sasoebaoLink
052In the Law - in the shadowTs'erilta mier sjulisataLink
053Lord, now lettest ThouAts' ganut'eveLink
054Today in the crown of our salvationDghes tskhovrebisa chvenisaLink
055I will open my mouthAghaghe p'iri chemi
056Let no hand profaneKidobansa nas sjulisasaLink
057Worthily Gabriel has announced to the VirginGhirsad gabriel qalts'uls akharaLink
058Through the prayers of the Birth-giver of GodMeokhebita ghvtismshobelisataLink
059O, Son of GodGvatskhovnen chven dzeo ghmrtisao
060O Lord, send forth thy lightUpalo mogvivline nateliLink
061Thou wast transfiguration upon the MountMtasa zeda peri itsvale qrist'eLink
062Magnify, O my soulAdide sulo chemoLink
063Thy birth-giving was shownShoba sheni ukhrts'nel arsLink
064To-day hath the grace of the Holy SpiritDghes saghmrtoman madlman
065When the disciples saw the EnterMots'apeta ra ikhilesLink
066God is the LordGhmerti upaliLink
067Light sent by lightNateli natlisagan movlinebuliLink
068Thou art ascended up into gloryAmaghldi didebit qrist'e ghmertoLink
069Magnify, O my soulAdidebs suli chemiLink
070Thee, who above understandingShev, qalts'uloLink
071When You, O God, shall come to earthRazhams mokhvide ghmertiLink
072When the glorious disciplesRazhams didebulni mots'apeniLink
073Noble Joseph, when he had takenShvenierman iosebLink
074When Thou didst descend into deathRazhams shtakhed saplavadLink
075Love brought Thee, O LordSiq'varulman mogiq'vana
076O Leaders of the Heavenly HostsZetsisa mkhedrobata mtavarangeloznoLink
077As the deliverer of the captivesT'q'veta ganmatavisuplebeloLink
078Let us honour holy BarbaraBarbares ts'midasa p'at'ivs vstsemdetLink
079Thy fame has gone forth into all the earthQ'ovelsa qveq'anasaLink
080O fellow servant with the ministerSit'q'visa ghvtisaLink
081The apostle distinguished by ChristMotsiquli qrist'esagan gamorcheuliLink
082To-day Georgian people are rejoicingDghes mokharul ars eri qartvelta
083The glorious beheading of the ForerunnerTs'inamorbedisa didebulisaLink
084O swallow, beautifulMertskhalo mshveniero
085I believe in one GodMrts'amsiLink
086A mercy of peaceTs'q'aloba, mshvidobaLink
087And with thy spiritDa sulisatsaLink
088We have unto the LordGvaqvs uplisa mimartLink
089Meet and right is itGhirs ars da martalLink
090Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of SabaothTs'mida ars, ts'mida arsLink
091We praise TheeShen gigalobtLink
092Meet is it, in truth, to bless TheeGhirs ars ch'eshmarit'aLink
093And all the peopleQ'ovelta da q'ovlisatvisLink
094Our Father, who art in heavenMamao chvenoLink
095Our Father, who art in heavenMamao chvenoLink
096To Thee, O LordShen, upalo
098One only is holyErt ars ts'midaLink
099Receive ye the Body of ChristKhortsi qrist'esi movighotLink
100Glory to the Father, and to the SonDideba mamasa da dzesaLink
101O Lord, who at the third HourUpalo romelman q'ovladts'midaLink
102Make me a clean heart, O GodGuli ts'mida dabadeLink
103O thou, on the sixth day and HourRomelman meeqvsesa dghesa
104O thou, who at the Ninth HourRomelman metskhresa zhamsaLink
105Lord, I have cried unto TheeUpalo ghaghadvq'av shendamiLink
106Let my prayer be set forth before theeTs'aremarten lotsva chemiLink
107Now the Powers of HeavenAts' dzalni tsataniLink
108In Thee rejoiceth, O thouShendami ikharebsLink
109The star, revaled from HeavenZetsit gamochinebulisaLink
110Eis pollaIsp'olaLink
111Ton despotinT'on desp'ot'inLink
112Kirie eleisonKirieleisonLink
114Rejoice, O Isaiah!Isaia mkhiarul iq'avLink
115O holy MartyrsTs'mindano mots'amenoLink
116Glory to Thee, O Christ-GodDideba shenda qrist'e ghmertoLink
117The great mystery of Thy arrivalMosvlisa shenisa
118You are a vineShen khar venakhi


This work was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG MU 2686/13-1, SCHE 280/20-1). The International Audio Laboratories Erlangen are a joint institution of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) and Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS. We thank Selina Sonntag, Stefanie Kämmerle and Moritz Berendes for helping us with the annotations. We gratefully acknowledge the support by the Polyphonies Vivantes Association for bringing the transcriptions of Shugliashvili (2014) into digital form and making them available for the current analysis. Furthermore, we like to thank Frank Zalkow, Lukas Dietz, and El Mehdi Lemnaouar for their contributions to the web-interface and Nana Mzhavanadze for her feedback regarding the representation of non-tempered music.