Preparation Course Python Programming (Winter Term 2021/2022)

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Spokesperson CME

Student Advisor CME

Coordination CME

Language: English

Place: Virtual course (Invitations to ZOOM and a Slack Workspace will be sent via Email soon)

Important Notes:
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Preparation Course Python Programming will be offered as a fully virtual course (via ZOOM/Slack).
  • Participation in the sessions is only possible for CME students. The access information for this course will be made available soon. For general questions on CME, please contact Joanna Kudanowska. For specific questions concerning the prep course and the zoom sessions, please contact Sebastian Rosenzweig.
  • As a technical requirement, all participants must have access to a computer capable of running the ZOOM video conferencing software, including audio and video transmission as well as screensharing. Furthemore, a regular web browser (preferably Google Chrome) to access the PCP Notebooks and the Python development environment is needed.


This lab course provides an introduction into the programming language Python. This course is designed particularly for students who join the CME study program starting in the winter term 2021/22. Participation is highly recommended.



The course is built upon the PCP Notebooks, which introduce some basic material on Python programming as required for more advanced lab courses offered at FAU study programmes. The PCP Notebooks are freely accessilbe under the MIT License.


Details will be accounced soon.