Research Projects



Project: QoEvaVE - Quality of Experience Evaluation of Interactive Virtual Environment with Audiovisual Scenes.

Duration: January 2021 - December 2023

Description: Interactive virtual environments (IVE) aim to replace real-world sensory input with corresponding streams of artificial stimulation. If successful, such a replacement will make the technology transparent and allow the user to interact naturally in a virtual world. Judgments of audio and video quality are typically dedicated cognitive processes where subjects are focused on the quality judgment task. However, IVE's aim to immerse the users through the plausibility illusion from an integrated multi-modal experience. The QoEvaVE project investigates cognitive functions of immersion, presence, and performance in IVE's, and examines the feasibility of inferring quality from human behavioral aspects within the IVE. By bridging the gap between methodologies used in traditional quality evaluation settings, and indirect approaches inspired from the VR community, a unified perspective on quality can be gained which is more representative of the multi-modal experience. Throughout the QoEvaVE project, a database of realistic 3- and 6-degrees-of-freedom scenes will be developed. Quality factors relating to spatial audio, omnidirectional visual quality, audiovisual divergence, behavioral patterns, and higher-order cognitive functions such as simulator sickness and cognitive load will be addressed in focused work packages. Throughout the project, the findings will be used to iteratively build on a new quality of experience framework for IVE's.

Project Manager: Prof. Dr. ir. Emanuël Habets, Associate Researcher: D.Sc. Olli S. Rummukainen

Project Partners: Audiovisual Technology group, TU-Ilmenau. Prof. Dr-ing. Alexander Raake, M.Sc. Ashutosh Singla

See the Audictive DFG Priority Program for more information.