TSM Toolbox


Link: TSM

The TSM toolbox has been developed by Jonathan Driedger and Meinard Müller. It contains MATLAB implementations of various classical time-scale modification (TSM) algorithms like OLA, WSOLA, and the phase vocoder. Furthermore, the toolbox also provides the code for a recently proposed TSM algorithm based on a combination of the classical algorithms as well as harmonic-percussive source separation (HPSS). Finally, it also includes a wrapper function which allows to call the commercial state-of-the-art TSM algorithm élastique by zPlane directly from MATLAB. To show how the algorithms can be applied and to give some demo applications, the toolbox also includes several demo scripts and additional code examples. The MATLAB implementations provided on this website are published under the terms of the General Public License (GPL). A general overview of the TSM Toolbox is given in [DM_DAFX2014].