Welcome to the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen

The International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (AudioLabs®) are a joint institution of Fraunhofer IIS and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). The AudioLabs were founded in 2008 and are unique worldwide in both its mission and international approach: A team of globally-renowned scientists is working to shape the future of audio and multimedia technologies in research areas such as audio coding, audio signal analysis and perceptual spatial audio signal processing.

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Highlight of Current Research

Interactive Learning of Signal Processing Through Music

Digital music has become a ubiquitous and vital part of our lives. Conversely, as a scientific discipline, digital signal processing can be obtuse and unfamiliar to newcomers. Conceptual and practical understanding of signal processing requires a rather sophisticated knowledge of advanced mathematics. In a new IEEE article, Meinard Müller et al. show how music may serve as a vehicle to make learning signal processing an interactive pursuit.

Read the article at IEEE. A preprint version can be found here.

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Highlight of Current Education

The AudioLabs professors offer lectures in different research areas in which they share their expertise. As part of our education activities, we create interactive and multimodal lecture material. Check out an example video on time-frequency representations:

Recent Publications