Listening tests are widely used to assess the quality of audio systems. In the last few years, conducting listening tests over the Internet, as so called web-based experiments, has become popular. Until now, it was only possible to implement a limited number of listening test types as web-based experiments because web standards were missing some crucial features, e.g. sample manipulation of audio streams. MUSHRA tests are designed to compare the audio quality of several test conditions with intermediate impairments to a high quality reference. With the upcoming of the Web Audio API, for the first time MUSHRA experiments can be carried out within the web browser while at the same time being compliant to the ITU-R Recommendation BS.1534 (MUSHRA).


  • compliant to ITU-R BS.1534 (looping, fade-out/in, sample accurate switching)
  • client side processing using web audio api
  • page based experiments supporting
  • training/introduction
  • MUSHRA item page
  • finish page
  • simple configuration using YAML preference files
  • automatically generates ITU-R compliant lower anchor files on the fly
  • additional support of other test methods
  • ITU BS.1116
  • Forced and unforced paired-comparison procedures (e.g. ABX tests)
  • Single/Multi-Stimulus procedures with Likert scales

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Firefox on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Safari on Mac



See LICENSE.txt here

Download / Source Code

Github Repository

Publication on Proceedings of 1st Web Audio Conference