SMD MIDI-Audio Piano Music

Saarland Music Data provides audio recordings along with perfectly synchronized MIDI files for various piano pieces. The pieces were performed by students of the Hochschule für Musik Saar on a hybrid acoustic/digital piano Yamaha Disklavier. The Disklavier allows for capturing key and pedal movements of the piano while playing. This information, which can be stored in a MIDI file, yields an accurate annotation of the corresponding audio recording in form of a symbolic description of all played musical note events. The SMD MIDI-Audio pairs constitute a valuable dataset for various music analysis tasks such as music transcription, performance analysis, music synchronization, audio alignment, or source separation.


If you publish results obtained using this dataset, please cite:

Meinard Müller, Verena Konz, Wolfgang Bogler, Vlora Arifi-Müller: Saarland Music Data (SMD). In Late-Breaking and Demo Session of the 12th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), 2011. [pdf] [bib]

copyright Saarland Music Data (SMD) by Saarland Music Data (SMD) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Naming Convention

For the audio and MIDI files, we use the following naming convention:

Composer_Work_Performer_Version.mp3 Composer_Work_Performer_Version.mid

For the variables, the following conventions are taken into account:

  • Composer: Last name of composer such as Beethoven or Mozart.
  • Work: Op (or similar) + 3 digits (for movements: + '-' + 2 digits) such as Op057-02, Op002No2-03, BWV123, KV012 If no work number is available, a suitable acronym is used such as CarminaBurana-05.
  • Performer: The performer (orchestra, conductor, soloist) is left anonymous. Instead we use three digit identifier.
  • Version: Recording date in the form yyyymmdd or possibly other information ending with -SMD.

Example: Beethoven_Op057-02_013_20090221-SMD.mp3 MP3 recording of Beethoven's piano sonata Opus 57, second movement, played by pianist 013 recorded on Feb. 21, 2009.

Technical Information

All performances were recorded in the studios of the Hochschule für Musik Saar, played by students of piano classes of different levels, on a Yamaha Disklavier model DCFIIISM4PRO. Using two cardioid-condenser microphones fixed over the resonating body of the piano, all performances were directly recorded into Steinberg Cubase 4. Except for trimming the beginnings and ends of the recordings, no further post-processing (filters, effects) was applied to the musical material. From each Cubase project, an audio file (44.1 kHz, stereo) as well as a synchronized standard MIDI file (SMF) were exported. Besides these files, we also provide the audio files as WAV (22.05 kHz, mono) and the MIDI files encoded as CSV files and as WAV files (22.05 kHz, mono) rendered using the Software synthesizer FluidSynth.

Note: The audio and MIDI files are temporally synchronized. In the original data collection (Version 0), we provided MP3 files rather than WAV files. Additionally, there were global offsets between the MIDI and audio versions. On this website, we offer WAV files and corrected MIDI files to compensate for these global offsets. However, note that the overall temporal accuracy is constrained by internal delays of the Disklavier and the speed of sound.


SMD MIDI-Audio Piano Music (Version 1) contains the following data:

  • WAV-44: Audio file (44.1 kHz, stereo)
  • WAV-22: Audio file (22.05 kHz, mono)
  • MIDI: MIDI file
  • CSV: Export of MIDI file into CSV format
  • WAV-MIDI: MIDI file rendered as audio file (22.05 kHz, mono)

The entire collection can be downloaded as a single ZIP file from ZENODO.

No. Filename WAV-44 WAV-22 MIDI CSV WAV-MIDI
1 Bach_BWV849-01_001_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
2 Bach_BWV849-02_001_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
3 Bach_BWV871-01_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
4 Bach_BWV871-02_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
5 Bach_BWV875-01_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
6 Bach_BWV875-02_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
7 Bach_BWV888-01_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
8 Bach_BWV888-02_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
9 Bartok_SZ080-01_002_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
10 Bartok_SZ080-02_002_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
11 Bartok_SZ080-03_002_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
12 Beethoven_Op027No1-01_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
13 Beethoven_Op027No1-02_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
14 Beethoven_Op027No1-03_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
15 Beethoven_Op031No2-01_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
16 Beethoven_Op031No2-02_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
17 Beethoven_Op031No2-03_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
18 Beethoven_WoO080_001_20081107-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
19 Brahms_Op005-01_002_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
20 Brahms_Op010No1_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
21 Brahms_Op010No2_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
22 Chopin_Op010-03_007_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
23 Chopin_Op010-04_007_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
24 Chopin_Op026No1_003_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
25 Chopin_Op026No2_005_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
26 Chopin_Op028-01_003_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
27 Chopin_Op028-03_003_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
28 Chopin_Op028-04_003_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
29 Chopin_Op028-11_003_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
30 Chopin_Op028-15_006_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
31 Chopin_Op028-17_005_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
32 Chopin_Op029_004_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
33 Chopin_Op048No1_007_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
34 Chopin_Op066_006_20100611-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
35 Haydn_Hob017No4_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
36 Haydn_HobXVINo52-01_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
37 Haydn_HobXVINo52-02_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
38 Haydn_HobXVINo52-03_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
39 Liszt_AnnesDePelerinage-LectureDante_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
40 Liszt_KonzertetuedeNo2LaLeggierezza_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
41 Liszt_VariationenBachmotivWeinenKlagenSorgenZagen_001_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
42 Mozart_KV265_006_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
43 Mozart_KV398_002_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
44 Rachmaninoff_Op036-01_007_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
45 Rachmaninoff_Op036-02_007_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
46 Rachmaninoff_Op036-03_007_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
47 Rachmaninov_Op039No1_002_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
48 Ravel_JeuxDEau_008_20110315-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
49 Ravel_ValsesNoblesEtSentimentales_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav
50 Skryabin_Op008No8_003_20090916-SMD wav wav mid csv wav


We would like to express our gratitude to my former students for their help and feedback. In particular, we thank Johannes Zeitler for his technical support and assistance with data adjustment.