Two Selected Examples


Retrieval Results

Metadata Ranks
ComposerID WorkID PerformanceID BM_ThemeID \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{IIR}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{MEL}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{SFM}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{DNN1}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{DNN2}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{CNN}}^{}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{MEL}}^{\mathrm{\ast}}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}^{\mathrm{\ast}}\) \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{CNN}}^{\mathrm{\ast}}\) QueryDurationBin DocDurationBin
Bach BWV0848-02 Belder B306 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 30 1 1 queryDur4 docDur2
Bach BWV0884-01 Belder B378 286 660 1 1 53 4 1 100 128 1 queryDur2 docDur3


The music corresponding to query B306 is monophonic and the melody extraction method \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}^{\mathrm{\ast}}\) successfully tracks the fundamental frequency of the theme. As a result, this representation achieves a low separation indicator of \(\rho=0.195\). Rank 1 is also achieved by omitting the melody extraction step (\(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}\)), but the separation indicator is not as good (\(\rho=0.452\)).

In contrast, the music corresponding to query B378 is polyphonic and the melody extraction step fails to track the fundamental frequency of the theme. Accordingly, \(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}^{\mathrm{\ast}}\) achieves a bad rank of 128 (\(\rho=1.615\)). Omitting the melody extraction step (\(\mathcal{C}_{\mathrm{BG1}}\)) leads to rank 1 for this query (\(\rho=0.760\)).

Audio Examples

BM_ThemeID Sonification of Query Recording Pianist License & Link to Recording
B306 Kimiko Ishizaka Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
B378 Marco Alejandro Gil Esteva Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Note that the presented recordings are only for illustrative purposes and are not the same as the audio recordings in the data set BM-Medium, which are used for the experiments.

Sheet Music

B306 (Theme)
B306 (Full Score)
B378 (Theme)
B378 (Full Score)