The Adjustment/Satisfaction Test (A/ST)



As media consumption is heading towards high degrees of content personalization, there is a growing need to assess the perceptual performance of these developments. The Adjustment/Satisfaction Test (A/ST) is a perceptual test where subjects interact with a user-adjustable system and their adjustment preferences and the resulting satisfaction levels are studied.

The details are presented in our paper:

  1. Matteo Torcoli, Jürgen Herre, Jouni Paulus, Christian Uhle, Harald Fuchs, and Oliver Hellmuth
    The Adjustment/Satisfaction Test (A/ST) for the Subjective Evaluation of Dialogue Enhancement
    In Proceedings of 143rd the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention, 2017. Citations PDF
    title = {The Adjustment/Satisfaction Test (A/ST) for the Subjective Evaluation of Dialogue Enhancement},
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In the paper, we also show the application of the A/ST for the evaluation of a Dialogue Enhancement system, i.e., an object-based audio system which enables the content consumer to control the balance between the dialogue and all other audio sources.


The A/ST software is implemented in Max 7 and can be downloaded here:

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