Doctoral thesis award for Audiolabs alumni

23.11.2018 Link

Last Friday, Dr.-Ing Maja Taseska, alumni of the AudioLabs, received a doctoral thesis award for her dissertation with the title “Informed Spatial Filters for Speech Enhancement: Noise and Interference Reduction, Blind Source Separation, and Acoustic Source Tracking”. The price recognizes outstanding scientific achievements and is awarded by “Freundeskreis der Technischen Fakultät" (alumni network of the Faculty of Engineering). The award ceremony took place at the faculty’s year-end celebration and was accompanied by interesting talks, a panel discussion and poster presentations of the honorees. Maja has been a part of the AudioLabs team for four and a half years. She conducted research in the area of multi-channel speech enhancement including noise and interference reduction, blind source separation, and acoustic source tracking. The development of algorithms and methods for these tasks targets a broad range of applications including hands-free car communication kits, teleconferencing systems, hearing aids, smart TVs and other emerging smart devices such as smart speakers, smart watches, smart glasses, etc. The picture shows Maja with her supervising professor Emanuël Habets. Congratulations!