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This notebook provides basic information on the Python programming language, the Juypter notebook and other topics including the Anaconda package management system, Python evironments, and Git. Furthermore, one finds examples that illustrate how to create multimedia objects using Python and how to integrate them into Juypter notebooks.


Topic Description HTML IPYNB
Jupyter Notebook Using the Jupyter notebook framework [html] [ipynb]
Installation Installing Python and Jupyter using Anaconda [html] [ipynb]
Multimedia Integrating multimedia objects such as images, audio, and video files into notebook [html] [ipynb]
Python Basics Data structures, control flow, functions [html] [ipynb]
Python Style Guide Recommended programming style in Python [html] [ipynb]
Python Visualization Generating figures and images using Python [html] [ipynb]
Python Audio Reading and writing audio files using Python [html] [ipynb]
Python Interaction Generating intractive figures using Python [html] [ipynb]
Numba Accelerate Python Functions [html] [ipynb]
LibFMP Generating figures and images using Python [html] [ipynb]
Python Libraries Description and links to Python libraries important for Music Processing
Git Some basics on the version control system Git
Further Tools Links to further tools helpful for music processing

Acknowledgment: The information provided on this website has been compiled by many people. Among the main contributors are Stefan Balke, Meinard Müller, and Frank Zalkow.

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