Freischuetz Digital
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Photo of Freischütz Digital Recording Session


The Single Microphone Switcher is a tool to explore the recordings of the individual microphones used for the Freischütz recordings. It sketches how the microphones were actually positioned in the room. The orchestra was seated in the european style where the first violin is on the left, and the second violin on the right. A microphone can be selected for playback by clicking on its symbol. Some musical voices, e.g. the violin sections, were recorded by more than one microphone. For the first violins (Violin 1), there are for example three microphones. One can observe, that a microphone associated with a specific voice does not only record its associated voice, but also all the other voices that are playing at the same time. At the beginning of No 6 for example, the microphones for the second violin (Violin 2) do not only record the second violin, but also the viola and the double bass. Below the microphone switcher, a visualization shows when each voice is active. In this way, one can actually see which voices one can hear in the microphones.

Single microphone switcher

Active Microphone:

Instrument Activation Matrix